Tom Schnorr, R.Ph., CCN

Tom Schnorr
Tom graduated from the University of Houston School of Pharmacy and received his Pharmacy License in 1980. He spent several years each working in retail pharmacy, then hospital pharmacy, then home infusion therapy; expanding his knowledge base and honing his skills in each discipline, while focusing on the care and treatment of people with AIDS. In 1993, Tom opened his own Home Infusion Pharmacy and nursing agency in Houston, Texas, specializing in the care and treatment of people with AIDS.

While working on the cutting edge of pharmaceutical medicine in the treatment of this epidemic, Tom also began to acquire an understanding of the many varied complimentary and functional medicine modalities that could be applied in the treatment of disease. Today, Tom continues to expand his knowledge and understanding of complimentary therapies such as nutritional supplements, herbs, and nutraceuticals, and earned his Certification in Clinical Nutrition in 2004. Tom focuses on helping clients coordinate the best and safest use of prescription medications and natural products to a complete care regime in an effort to reduce side effects and promote a path to wellness.

Tom also continues to build on his knowledge base begun in pharmacy school of compounding medications from “scratch”. Historically, pharmacists learned to create medications according to a physician’s exact specifications. The result is better care for the patient. Under Tom’s direction, Austin Compounding Pharmacy specializes in compounding bio-identical hormones, pain medications, veterinary medications, and cosmeceuticals.

“As the owner and pharmacist at Austin Compounding Tom has a wealth of knowledge, synthesizing Eastern and Western medicine with great facility.”
Wes P.

“Tom is both caring and compassionate, a community treasure!”
Mary M.

“Tom Schnorr, an extraordinary man, makes you feel better with his bright smile, extraordinary credentials – and most important: his empathy.”
Wendy M.

“I can say this about maybe 5 people in all my 58 years. Tom is someone – that when I’m around him – I just know everything is going to be okay.”
Sandy B.

“Tom is an incredibly compassionate, kind, and brilliant man. Thank you, Tom, for your friendship in hard times and not so hard times.”
Bethann B.

“Tom will stop everything and really listen to you. He always goes up and beyond giving superior customer service explaining in detail all the pros and cons.”
Jack S.

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